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Residential Disabled Parking Signs

Disabled individuals-Do You Qualify?
The applicant must reside on a residential street that is zoned R-1 through R-5.

The applicant must have either a current disabled Illinois license plate or a disabled placard issued by the Secretary of State when parked in the designated space.

Sign installation and maintenance costs must be paid by the applicant. For the first year, the cost for the sign is $70.00. In subsequent years the annual maintenance fee is $25.00. Please note: The fee may be waived if the applicant meets the disabled veteran or Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief requirement.

How to Apply:
Qualified applicants must complete an application form. You may obtain an application from your Alderman's Ward Office or call the Department of Revenue at (312) 744-PARK(7275).

Completed applications and the $70.00 installation fee may be submitted to the office of your Alderman, any City of Chicago Department of Revenue facility, or via mail at

P.O. Box 803100
Chicago, IL. 60680-3100
ATTN: Disabled Permitting Section.

If the Department of Revenue recommends that the signs be installed, notice will be sent to the applicant, the Alderman's Ward Office, the Committee on Traffic Control and Public Safety and the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. The City Council will review the findings of the Traffic and Public Safety Committee and vote on the passage of the permit. If the Department of Revenue determines that signs cannot be recommended, notice will be sent to the applicant and the application fee refunded. The applicant may appeal the Department of Revenue's decision to the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities within 10 days of the denial.

Disabled Parking Sign Removal
If the applicant moves, becomes deceased or is no longer a person with a disability, notice must be provided to the Department of Revenue. All requests for sign removal should be submitted to our Ward office or the Department of Revenue.



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